Apna Ghar Project

Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is grateful for everything he has and wants to use his position to spread smiles across society. He has deeply focused for the betterment and welfare for the peoples of Pakistan. Keeping the goal of creating equality among the rich and poor, He has been striving hard to achieve this goal of providing shelter to orphans in Apna Ghar.

Aleem Khan established Apna Ghar in 2011 for the orphans present in Pakistan and focused on providing shelter for female children of poverty stricken families in Lahore. It began with one ‘Apna Ghar’ expanding to three of them by the year 2013.
The location is phenomenal and is located in the safe and posh area of Lahore Cantonment. Initially, in 2011 it was small, consisting of 9 children but by 2013 it had around 38 to 40 children in Apna Ghar one and Apna Ghar two respectively. Apna Ghar three is still in the renovating process. It is fully air conditioned with decorated rooms and consists of TV Lounges, kitchen, computer lab and various other facilities that make the girls feel themselves at home.

The Apna Ghar project is a philanthropic initiative of Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation (AAKF) that is being run to educate and nurture the poor and underprivileged children. Highly impressed and appreciated the apna ghar management is playing a very important role in supporting these children in need. The standard of boarding, lodging and education being provided is at par with any main stream educational institute. Apna Ghar hosts events like sports day or go out for movies on regular basis where students and teachers participate and enjoy the whole day.



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