Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation (AAKF) has initiated yet another welfare project in an under-privileged locality in Mughalpura area by opening a Free Medical Dispensary for care and cure of the poor and the deprived residents of that locality. The Dispensary is equipped with high quality medicines and highly qualified Doctor & staff.
The entire process of patients examination and provision of medicines to them is FREE OF COST.
AAKF intends to extend the establishment of such dispensaries in several other needy localities by the help of Almighty Allah.
AAKF Dispensary are staffed by board-certified physician assistants or nurse practitioners who are trained to diagnose, treat, and provide prescriptions when needed. A lot of patients are served from Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation on daily basis.
Chairman Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation ( AAKF ) Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan visited all the three AAKF FREE MEDICAL DISPENSARIES in Garhi Shahu area and saw for himself the excellent services being rendered by these Dispensaries to the deserving people of the area. Director of the project, Brig ( R ) Khalid received the Chairman and conducted him around all the Dispensaries. The public highly appreciated the work of AAKF and thanked Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan for this noble welfare project for their benefit.
AAKF is providing absolutely FREE medicines and consultation. From December 2016 till now, approximately 20,000 patients have benifitted from the Free Dispensary.


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