Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

“Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation envisages to reach out to all those people across Pakistan.  In other words, who are distressed in any form. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation try to provide them with reasonable amount of opportunities and resources so that they can lead a prosperous life as well.”


Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation (AAKF) is a non-governmental and a political social welfare organization. Certainly, founded in Lahore (Pakistan) by businessman-cum-politician, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan. The foundation is registered with City District Government Lahore, since 7th April 2011. Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In other words, the board comprises close family members of the Chairman. Meanwhile, the Foundation is solely funded by the Chairman himself. Mr. Imran Anwar is Finance Secretary of the Foundation and managed by Mr. Khalid Bashir Khawaja, the General Secretary AAKF, as per policy guidance of the Chairman.


Abdul Aleem Khan is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Politician. He was born on 5th of March, 1972 in Lahore, Pakistan.Further, received his early education from Crescent Model School Lahore. And he also did his Bachelor of Arts from Government College Lahore. He started active participation in politics by contesting for a National Assembly seat in the General Elections held in the year 2002. For instance, Abdul Aleem Khan contested in the By-Elections for the seat of Provincial Assembly and was elected as M.P.A in 2003. In November, 2003 he took oath as a first Minister for Information Technology, Punjab. Meanwhile, in the Year 2012, he joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He became the President of Lahore and then the President of the Central Punjab. In 2018 he became the M.P.A from Lahore (PP-158). He later on joined the Cabinet as a Senior Minister for Local Government & Community Development, Punjab.


Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation envisages that all human beings, of any color, creed, religion, or community across the globe, deserve to live honorable lives. However, being a natural phenomenon, the access to opportunities, resources, and, privileges are not equitable for the entire humanity.



Blessed with an inner desire to provide
better opportunities to those who are not fortunate enough,
and to improve their quality of life, has always been
a corner stone of Mr. Aleem Khan’s vision.


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