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Apna Ghar Students Visit Army Unit

Apna Ghar history is one of great adventures, overcoming huge odds and most importantly love. We rarely have a story to tell like ours does; some might find parts of it hard to believe but we assure you, it is all truth.It was founded in February 2011 by Abdul Aleem Khan and his wife, Kiran Sabir. Mrs. Aleem Khan is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Politician. He seeing the need of practical “hands on” orphan children.

Our Mission

Apna Ghar is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization that has been providing quality education since 2011. ‘The Mission’ works in an array of areas, education, etc. but it’s primary focus is the care and protection of orphan children.The Mission works hard to provide a loving home and family for every child in its care working hard to promote family relationships and impart a spirit of responsibility in every member of the organization.

Apna Ghar Students visit Army Unit

Recreational and informational tours play a vital role in student learning. In this connection, the students of their house were visited by the Army unit. We know that Education is a critical foundation in every child’s life. It is certainly something that we place great value. Students also visited Army Museum Located in Lahore Cantt.

Here the Photos:

Our School

Education is a critical foundation in every child’s life. It is certainly something that we place great value in. As a result, it has always been an ambitious dream of ours to build a comprehensive school campus for our orphanage. In its finished form, our school, We will include multiple buildings and provide education from nursery up to college level. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality education for free, not just for our children but for the children of our local community. There are other schools in our area, but they are all profit-making endeavors; costs are cut at every opportunity, and sadly, the quality of education is sacrificed along the way.


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