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Aleem Khan Foundation has installed tube wells and Water filtration plants in Lahore. That are accessible to the staff and all the patients at the General Hospital Lahore. That is to say, these filtration plant and tube wells have been used by the attendants of the patients as well. In other words, 50 PLUS WALTER FILTRATION PLANTS have been installed in NA122. To provide clean drinking water in different union councils of NA122, INTRODUCTION Lahore is one of the most populous cities of Pakistan. Lahore is a land of river with one of the best canals and irrigation systems in the world. However, major source of drinking water in the province is groundwater. Which is being contaminated due to rapid population. For example, growth, industrialization, unplanned urbanization, over exploitation of natural resources. It discharge of hazardous and untreated waste into the water bodies. Ground water contamination is taking. its toll in the form of serious health complications for the residents of the Punjab. On the other hand, under special initiative of Abdul Aleem Khan, has been established by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation with a mandate. For instance: plan, design, execute and manage safe drinking water. It supply Water filtration plants in Lahore solutions to an estimated 68.9 million rural population of the Lahore. The proposed project will ensure the carpet coverage of safe. The clean drinking water supply to every household at walking distance


However the name of “Apna Ghar”. Which is providing free Education and Boarding facilities to the Orphanage girls.  The foundation (But, however, on the other hand) is currently run by Abdul Aleem Khan. On the other hand, We (Therefore, as a result, so, consequently) continuously makes financial contributions to the Health and Education sector by making donations to various educational institutions and health care institutes. For instance: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, INMOL, Ghurki Hospital, NAMAL University, Rising Sun Institute, DHA and Mughalpura Campus.


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